Versilberte Augenpads

The color of your Eye Patches changes over time?

The SYE Eye Patches consist of a textile that was subsequently refined with 99.9% pure silver. Since silver is a metal, under certain circumstances it can start to oxidize. If your pads become slightly discolored over time, don't worry. This is a completely normal process that shows you that we really used silver. The discolouration has no influence on the effect of the eye pads.

Even if your pads have slightly discolored after 365 days, the effect remains and does not diminish. The silver of the pads will not peel off or lose its effectiveness over time. Only the color changes - so no reason to dispose of the pads!

The oxidation process in silver is a chemical process that is triggered by reactions with oxygen and water vapour. When silver comes into contact with air, it forms a thin layer of silver oxide. This layer protects the metal from further corrosion.

Some factors can speed up the oxidation process in silver, for example:

  • Contact with oxygen: Contact with air accelerates the oxidation process.
  • Contact with water: The reaction of silver with water vapor also accelerates the oxidation process.
  • Contact with Salt: The presence of salt in the air or in the water can also accelerate the oxidation process.

How can I protect my eye pads from oxidation?

We have developed the SYE Stone so that you can enjoy your eye pads for a long time.


Sye eye pads in the Sye Stone


The Sye Stone removes the moisture from your eye patches within a few minutes. Simply put the eye pads back into the stone after use - you can literally watch the stone wick the moisture out of the eye pads.

However, the SYE Stone does not prevent the silver from oxidizing 100% - but it does slow down the process.


Different colour, same effect!