Our mission: to provide high-quality Eye Pads without causing plastic waste

Do something good for yourself and help reduce plastic. Our goal is to produce high-quality eye pads that are reusable and do not generate plastic waste. From production to the final product, we avoid unnecessary packaging material and have declared war on single-use plastic products - Are you there?


    We reject unnecessary packaging waste and only use grass paper and grass cardboard.


    We focus on long shelf life & more content in cosmetic products and declare war on single-use products!

    Min. Reusable 365 times

    We only use recyclable materials and participate in packaging recycling.

    We close cycles
Wiederverwendbare Eye Patches in einer Verpackung aus nachhaltigem Material


Our 3R principle

Our planet is facing a number of challenges that we as a brand are equally aware of and want to address.

Sustainability is the top priority in all of our decisions. However, it is not always easy to achieve this and often forces us to make compromises.

Production, the product itself and transport are sustainably positioned along the value chain. Because we as a brand want to make our greatest possible contribution and have a positive impact on the environment.

As a company in the e-commerce sector, it is difficult to completely do without packaging. Nevertheless, we want to contribute our best to this and rely on the 3R principle.

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Hyaluron Serum mit Ectoin für die Augenpflege

Less waste by saving packaging

"Not one person who lives sustainably will change the world, many people who do their part within their possibilities achieve much more."

We won't change the world, but we can and want to make our contribution. That's why, for example, we've been avoiding folding boxes for our eye serum since the beginning, which - let's be honest - are usually thrown away immediately after unpacking. Instead, we print all legal information directly on the products. Our hyaluronic eye serum is filled into black-coated glass bottles. The colored glass inhibits UV light and ensures an extended shelf life of the products. So far we still have disposable bottles, but if disposed of correctly in green glass containers, they can be recycled.

We also thought about our shipping boxes for a long time, looked at a wide variety of models and in the end we didn't decide on the cheapest box, but rather a sustainable one made from grass paper. A rapidly renewable raw material that can also be recycled if disposed of correctly.

The SYE Stone in which the products are delivered ensures that your SYE pads last as long as possible by quickly removing moisture and always keeping them perfectly and hygienically stored.

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