Eye Pads for 365 applications

Feather-light, Reusable Eye Pads for at least 365 uses. Optimize your self-care routine with the new Eye Pads made from 99.9% silver

Eye Pads made of Silver? In our magazine we explain, among other things, why we silver your eye pads.

  • Frau mit Federn unter den Augen als Symbol für die Leichtigkeit der Augenpads

    Eye Pads: Natural help against dark eye circles

    In our blog you will learn all about Eye Pads and how they can help you fight dark circles

    to the magazine
  • Wiederverwendbare Augenpads aus versilbertem Textil in einer nachhaltigen Verpackung

    The color of your pads changes?

    If your pads discolour slightly over time, this is no cause for concern.

    Here you can find out why