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Natural cosmetics

We attach great importance to transparency and openness in the world of natural cosmetics. That's why we explain every single natural ingredient in our products in detail and understandably so that you know exactly what you're treating your skin to.

wiederverwendbare Augenpads aus versilbertem Textil von SYE Cosmetics

Ingredients of the eye pads

Our eye pads are made of silver-plated textile. The textile is refined using a unique process with 99% pure silver.

The effect of silver

Ingredients of the eye serum

  • Die Wirkung von Hyaluron im SYE Hyaluron Augenserum


    We use high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acids (10-50 kDa & 2000-2400 kDa) in our eye serum.

    Effect of hyaluronic acid
  • Die Wirkung von Ectoin im SYE Cosmetics Hyaluron Augenserum


    The eye serum is enriched with 0.5% pure ectoine to protect the skin more effectively against daily environmental influences

    Effects of ectoine
  • Die Wirkung von Aloe Vera im SYE Cosmetics Hyaluron Augenserum

    Aloe vera

    Rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Soothes irritated skin quickly and effectively.

    Effects of aloe vera

All other ingredients of the eye serum

For a detailed insight, we have set up a special page where you can find understandable descriptions of each individual ingredient. This way you can understand exactly how they support and enrich your skin care.

Understandable explanation of the respective components


Of plant origin, promotes the skin's moisture absorption.


Natural moisturizer made from plants.

Pentylene Glycol

Herbal ingredient to retain moisture.


Pure water.

Sodium Citrate

Regulates and stabilizes the pH value of the skin.

Citric acid

Natural citric acid for pH stabilization.