Augenpads über Nacht anwenden

Can I leave Eye Patches on overnight? | SYE Cosmetics

A common concern from our customers is, "Can I leave Eye Patches on overnight?" The answer is: Yes, with the eye pads from SYE Cosmetics it is even highly recommended! The pads have been specially developed to achieve a long-lasting and intense effect. So you can easily leave the eye pads on your skin overnight to take care of them intensively during your beauty sleep.

To use: Simply add 3 drops of our specially developed SYE EYE serum to each eye pad and then gently press under the eyes. The special formulation of the serum ensures that the pads stick well and do not fall off after a short time, as is the case with many other products. Leave the pads on for at least 15 minutes - or overnight for a more intense result.

In the morning you simply remove the pads and clean them under running water with a mild soap. Then place them back into the SYE Stone, which will wick moisture from the pads in seconds. So you always have fresh, ready eye pads for the next application.