Was bringen Augenpads?

What do eye pads really do?

"What good do eye pads really do?" At SYE Cosmetics we believe that quality makes the difference. Our eye pads contain high-quality ingredients such as high-dose hyaluronic acid, which intensively moisturizes the skin, plumps it up and thus alleviates wrinkles, bags under the eyes and swollen eyes.

In contrast to the one-off eye pads from the drugstore, which often contain inferior ingredients, our eye pads are designed for at least 365 uses. This allows for regular maintenance, which is crucial for optimal results.

Hyaluron, both in low and high molecular form, is the heart of our serum. It binds water in the skin and thus has a cushioning and moisturizing effect. You can use it as an intensive treatment over 90 days together with our eye pads.

We produce all our products in Germany, they are 100% natural cosmetics and vegan. Experience the difference with SYE Cosmetics' eye pads and let your eyes shine!