Hyaluron Augenpads - Hyaluronsäure Serum

What do hyaluronic eye pads bring?

"What do hyaluron eye pads bring?" At SYE Cosmetics we are happy to give you a well-founded answer to this question. Hyaluron eye pads, especially when combined with a high-dose hyaluron serum like the one we make, offer significant benefits for the sensitive skin around your eyes.

Hyaluronic acid is known for its moisturizing effect. In our serum we use a combination of low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid. It penetrates deep into the skin, plumps it up from the inside and gives it a fresher and plumper appearance.

Our eye pads are reusable and can be used at least 365 times. By using our serum, they work effectively against dark circles, bags under the eyes and swollen eyes. The serum has 30ml content and is sufficient for approx. 90 applications together with the eye pads.

How often should I use Hyaluronic Eye Pads?

We recommend that you use the eye pads together with the hyaluronic serum once a day (morning or evening). This is the best way to care for the sensitive skin under the eyes and provide it with important nutrients every day.

With us you can be sure that all products are vegan, have not been tested on animals and are 100% natural cosmetics. Our entire range is also manufactured exclusively in Germany.

With our hyaluron eye pads you are not only doing something good for your skin, you are also making a contribution to environmental protection. Convince yourself of the effect!