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SYE Cosmetics

Reusable Eye Patches made of silver-plated textile

Silver has been proven to have a cell-regenerating and vitalizing effect

Opens the pores for improved absorption of creams & serums

Visibly reduce dryness wrinkles in just 15 minutes

Lighten dark circles under the eyes, visibly reduce bags under the eyes and crow's feet

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At least 365 applications

Only €0.13 per application

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    Reusable Eye Patches: Your choice against the disposable mentality

    Experience natural skincare with SYE's Reusable Eye Patches. While the familiar disposable pads are usually soaked in inferior ingredients, our reusable eye pads offer a high-quality alternative. They utilise the cell-regenerating properties of 99.9% pure silver and are a blessing for your skin. Say goodbye to the disposable mentality and say hello to long-lasting beauty care with SYE eye pads. Start your new, optimised routine now.

    Reusable Eye Patches are:

    • Reusable at least 365 times
    • Refined with 99.9% pure silver
    • The silver has a cooling, skin-soothing & decongestant effect
    • No silicone - light as a feather for the perfect hold
    • Vegan, cruelty-free & suitable for all skin types

    Can be used with:

    • Water - silver's own effect
    • Your own eye care
    • Specially developed SYE serum

    The SYE serum has been specially formulated and developed for the SYE Eye Patches. It ensures a perfect hold of the eye pads and is absorbed deep into the skin for an ideal result.

      Effect: With Sye Serum

      If you use the eye pads with the SYE serum:

      Do you want a fresh and radiant look? Then try the combination of eye pads and the SYE serum!

      With this serum you can achieve several positive effects for your eye area: It lightens dark circles under the eyes , reduces wrinkles and crow's feet and plumps up the skin. At the same time, it slows down skin aging and protects your skin from environmental influences. The serum has an invigorating and firming effect while providing your skin with nutrient-rich moisture.

      Using the eye pads enhances the effect of the serum and ensures a perfect hold. The SYE serum contains high and low molecular hyaluronic acid, which has a plumping effect and can penetrate and work perfectly into the different layers of skin due to the different molecule sizes.

      The ectoine has a strong antioxidant effect and protects the skin cells from drying out. The aloe vera gel contained in the serum has an immediate cooling, cell-regenerating effect and provides the skin with nutrient-rich moisture. Try out the perfect match between SYE eye pads and SYE eye serum and experience complete care for your eye area!

      Effect: With your serum

      Use a care product of your choice:

      Treat your sensitive eye area to optimal care and use the Sye eye pads in combination with your favorite care product.

      By opening the pores, the reusable eye pads intensify the effect of your eye care while slowing down the evaporation of moisture and ingredients so that they can penetrate deeper into the skin.

      Silver is also considered THE anti-aging miracle - the silver ions in our eye pads have a soothing, decongestant and firming effect on the skin, they counteract the usual signs of skin aging and stimulate the natural regeneration process of the skin cells. This gives you soft, tightened skin as a result and slows down the aging process.


      Effect: With water

      Effect with water:

      Our eye pads are refined with 99.9% fine silver using a process that is unique in the world - the highest purity available. As soon as the eye pads are moistened, silver ions form on the surface, which naturally work against the signs of skin aging. Silver is the anti-aging miracle par excellence, as it not only has a soothing effect on the skin, but also stimulates the skin's natural regeneration process.

      The result? Softer, firmer skin while slowing the aging process and reducing puffiness.

      The SYE eye pads offer an ideal addition to your daily care routine and are particularly recommended for people who want to care for their skin in a natural way.

      Try out our eye pads and enjoy the many advantages that the 99.9% pure fine silver offers in combination with the wafer-thin textile.


      Wiederverwendbare Augenpads ohne Silikon gegen Augenringe
      Anti-Aging SYE Augenpads, perfekt mit Hyaluronserum, gegen Augenringe
      Kühlende Augenpads gegen müde Augen
      Augenpads bzw. Eye Pads für 365 Anwendungen
      SYE Eye Pads wirksam gegen dunkle Augenringe und feine Linien unter den Augen.
      Wiederverwendbare Naturkosmetik Augenpads, ideal für die Linderung von Krähenfüßen und zur Aufpolsterung der Augenpartie
      Naturkosmetik Augenpads aus Silber zur behandlung von Augenringen und Tränensäcken
      Anti-Aging Eye Pads, kombiniert mit Augenserum, gegen dunkle Augenringe
      Wiederverwendbare Augenpads im Vergleich zu Augenpads DM
      Pflegeinnovation für die Augen: SYE&

      Reusable eye pads: Let's upgrade your routine

      • Reusable

        You can reuse the SYE Eye Pads at least 365 times

      • 99.9% silver plated textile

        Natural effect through the release of silver ions

      • Ökotex 100 certified

        The silver-plated textile of the eye pads is Ökotex 100 certified

      • Made in Germany

        The SYE eye pads are 100% made in Germany


      Why can I “only” use the eye pads 365 times?

      According to the current status, the pads have the same effect after 365 days as on the first day.

      So we could also write that our eye pads can be used infinitely - that's what the competition made of plastic and silicone does. In theory, this is also the case with us, as the effect of the silver ions only stops when the silver-plated textile no longer exists.

      We make a difference between theory and practice and test new things every day so that we can keep every promise we make to you.

      Why are the eye pads silver-plated?

      Silver is known for its cell-regenerating and skin-soothing properties. As soon as the eye pads come into contact with moisture, silver ions are formed which intensify the effect of your eye care or the effect of the SYE eye serum.

      What is the SYE Stone?

      The SYE Stone dries your eye pads in just a few seconds.

      It is made of a natural, organic material that is extremely absorbent. Thanks to numerous tiny pores, it acts like a sponge - 100% without chemicals or additives .

      Simply place the eye pads back into the stone after use - you can literally watch as the stone removes the moisture from the eye pads.

      Here you can find out more about the SYE Stone.

      Let the magic happen!

      Why can the color of the eye pads change over time?

      Silver is a metal and metals oxidize under certain circumstances. Moisture can speed up this process. To counteract oxidation, we developed the SYE Stone, which dries your pads within minutes. Color changes have no influence on the effect of the eye pads.

      What does Ökotex 100 certified mean?

      If a textile product has been awarded the STANDARD 100 label, you can be sure that all components have been tested for harmful substances and therefore found to be harmless to health.


      How do I use the eye pads correctly?

      Step 1: Clean your face thoroughly. Rinse the eye pads under running water before using them for the first time.

      Step 2: Depending on the effect you want to achieve, use water, the SYE serum or an eye care product of your choice. Apply your individual active ingredient to the eye pads.

      For optimal hold, we recommend our Hyaluronic Serum + Ectoin, which was specially developed for the sensitive skin under the eyes

      Step 3: Press the eye pads on and leave them on for 10-15 minutes

      Step 4: After use, rinse the eye pads under running water with soap

      Step 5 : Place the cleaned pads on the SYE Stone to dry

      How do I properly care for the eye pads?

      To enjoy your eye pads for as long as possible, you should clean them thoroughly with soap after using them and then store them in the SYE Stone.

      Silver is a metal and metals oxidize under certain circumstances. Moisture can speed up this process. To counteract oxidation, we developed the SYE Stone, which removes moisture from your pads within a few minutes.

      If your eye pads change color, this is your guarantee that we use 99.9% pure silver, completely natural & completely harmless.

      The color change has no influence on the effect of the eye pads.

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