Aufbewahrung für wiederverwendbare Augenpads im Badezimmer

Innovative - stylish - well thought out!

While plastic bags and tin cans trap moisture and thus compromise hygiene, the SYE Stone with its fine-pored texture ensures efficient drying of the reusable eye pads and does not allow microbial growth.

  • Removes moisture in seconds

    The stone removes the moisture from your eye pads in just a few seconds and thus ensures hygienic storage of your eye pads.

  • No chemicals or additives. 100% organic material

    It is made of a natural, organic material that is extremely absorbent. Its tiny pores make it act like a sponge.

Herstellung Augenpads Aufbewahrung

Natural material for natural beauty

The SYE Stone is made from a unique, natural material that is specifically designed to absorb moisture quickly. This material, which contains no artificial additives or chemicals, creates an ideal environment to store your eye pads hygienically. It's the perfect combination of functionality and design to give your reusable eye pads a long life.