Wie benutzt man wiederverwendbare Augenpads - Augenpads beim Yoga

How to use reusable eye pads?

How to properly use reusable eye pads? Using our reusable eye pads from SYE Cosmetics is easy as pie and easily adapts to your daily skin care routine.

  1. Place three drops of our SYE EYE serum on each eye pad. The serum was specially developed for use with our eye pads and optimally supports their effect.
  2. Place the pads under your eyes and press lightly. This allows the serum to penetrate the skin better and unfold its full effect.
  3. Leave the eye pads on your skin for about 15 minutes. Use this time to relax and enjoy the soothing care.
  4. After the exposure time, you can remove the pads and wash them under running water with a mild soap.
  5. Put the pads back into the SYE Stone. This specially developed stone removes the moisture from the pads within a few seconds and thus prepares them for the next application.