Richtige Anwendung von Augenpads: Wie rum gehören Augenpads? Eine Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung

Correct use of Eye Patches: Where do Eye Patches belong? A step-by-step guide

Eye Patches are an essential part of the skin care routine of many people looking for an effective way to care for the delicate skin under their eyes. But the question often arises: “Eye pads like this?” Correct application is crucial to achieve the best possible results.

Spoiler! How should eye pads be placed: The narrow side of the eye pads should face the nose in order to cover the entire eye area.

Why proper placement of eye pads is important

The skin under the eyes is particularly thin and prone to dryness, puffiness and dark circles. Eye pads are designed to specifically address these issues. The correct placement of the pads is crucial to:

  • Effectively cover the entire eye area
  • To make optimal use of the active ingredients
  • To avoid unpleasant slipping
  • To support skin regeneration

How do you properly place eye pads under your eyes?

Step 1: The preparation

Before applying the eye pads, cleanse your face thoroughly and apply your favorite serum. This ensures that your skin can absorb the pads' active ingredients better.

Step 2: Positioning

Take an eye pad and make sure that the narrow side of the pad faces your nose. This allows the wider side to reach the outer areas of the eye area, where crow's feet and other fine lines often appear.

Step 3: Hanging up

Place the pad gently under the eye and gently smooth to avoid air bubbles. The pads should conform to the contour of your eye area without pulling or applying pressure.

Other benefits of using eye pads correctly

  • Improved serum absorption : Correct placement of SYE Cosmetics eye pads intensifies serum absorption, resulting in more effective care.
  • Cell regeneration : The silver-finished textile of the Eye Pads has a cell-regenerating effect and can significantly improve the appearance of the skin when used regularly.
  • Sustainability : Unlike drugstore disposable eye pads that must be thrown away after a single use, our reusable pads offer an environmentally friendly alternative.
  • Comfort and hygiene : The high-quality materials and easy handling ensure a comfortable fit and hygienic use.


Using eye pads correctly can make a significant difference in your skin care routine. With the reusable eye pads from SYE Cosmetics, you are not only choosing an effective but also an environmentally conscious solution. Follow our guide to take full advantage of the benefits and take optimal care of your eye area.