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Facial Cupping Set - Cupping Therapy

    Facial cupping is a Chinese beauty technique, which is becoming increasingly popular in modern beauty care. With our premium cupping set you can experience the benefits of cupping right at home:

    • Provides a natural glow & lifting effect
    • Stimulates blood circulation in the skin
    • Opens the pores for better absorption of care products
    • Relieves accumulated tension in the facial muscles
    • Boosts collagen production

    Facial Cupping stimulates blood circulation, removes toxins from the body and, when used regularly, increases the elasticity of your skin for a natural lifting effect. Gently pulling on the skin also stimulates collagen production.

    The self-care ritual not only ensures a radiant glow but also firm and smoothed skin.

    It also opens the pores so that care products can be absorbed even better by your skin.

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    Step 1: Cleanse your face thoroughly and then gently pat it dry.

    Step 2: So that the cupping sets can glide comfortably over your face, apply a thin layer of a facial oil of your choice.

    Step 3: Squeeze the face cup slightly, place it gently on your face so that it can be sucked in, and pull the cup in flowing movements from the center of the face outwards or from bottom to top.

    Step 4: Repeat this step and let the face cup slide over your face several times in dynamic movements as described in the application image.

    Duration of application: For ideal results, we recommend an application duration of approx. three to five minutes per day - or two to three sessions per week of ten minutes each.


    Face cupping is an effective method to naturally care for and tone facial skin.

    Used regularly, it can have a variety of positive effects on the skin. By sucking the skin into the cup, blood circulation is promoted, which in turn stimulates collagen production and leads to a natural glow and lifting effect. At the same time, face cupping also helps to remove toxins from the body and relieve tension in the facial muscles.

    Opening the pores during face cupping also makes it easier to clean and absorb care products. The procedure is therefore perfect as an addition to the daily care routine and can be used by both women and men to keep facial skin in top shape

    Cleaning & Care

    After use, clean the face cups with a damp cloth, a cotton swab or a small brush and let them dry thoroughly.

    Avoid allowing moisture to collect in the silicone cups. If water has run into the cups, squeeze the water out firmly and let the cups dry with the opening facing upwards. To remove the remaining moisture, you can also carefully blow into the cups with a hairdryer on a cold setting.


    Facial cupping is not recommended for cold sores, open wounds, severe acne, abrasions, cuts, or fresh bruises. This treatment is also not suitable for people diagnosed with nodule or swelling, melanoma or other cancers

    Facial Cupping Set bestehen aus zwei Schröpfgläsern zum Schröpfen im Gesicht in unterschiedelichen Größen. Ein kleines (15mm) Schröpfglas und ein großen (25mm) Schröpfglas
    Facial Cupping Set in Nahaufnahme zum Schröpfen im Gesicht
    Schröpfen fürs Gesicht in Anwendung
    Facial Cupping Wirkung
    Schröpfen Gesicht
    Cupping Anleitung Schröpfen lernen
    Facial Cupping Anwendung im Gesicht und Wirkung Schröpfen erklärt
    Facial Cups
    Schröpfgläser fürs Gesicht

    It's that easy

    • Step 1: Cleanse your face

      Cleanse your face thoroughly before use. Remove your makeup

    • Step 2: Apply facial oil

      Apply a facial oil of your choice. Of course you can also use the SYE serum

    • Step 3: Create negative pressure

      Use the cups to create negative pressure and glide gently from the center of the face outwards or from bottom to top

    • Step 4: Repeat the application

      Repeat the application every day or every other day for optimal results

    Customer Reviews

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    Anna B.
    Super Produkt

    Habe extra gewartet bis das Set wieder verfügbar war und es hat sich gelohnt. Andere Herstellen verlangen was das doppelte für das 2er Set aus Glas. Schneller Versand und super Qualität, vielen Dank :)

    Endlich mal aus Glas

    Die Schröpfgläser sind super und endlich mal aus Glas.

    Alles super

    Schneller Versand, die Cups wirken hochwertig. Zur Wirkung kann ich noch nichts sagen, bin gespannt


    Ich habe die Cupping Sets jetzt einen Monat getestet und bin über die Wirkung überrascht. Hab es 3 mal die Woche angewandt und sehe ganz deutliche Effekte. Meine Haut sieht straffer und strahlender aus und ich meine auch meine kleinen Falten sind reduziert.


    Mit ein bisschen Routine und dem richtigen Gesichtsöl eine super Gesichtsbehandlung für zu Hause. Ich kannte das Produkt aus meinem Kosmetikstudio. Man sieht richtig, wie es die Durchblutung anregt.